The kite runner, Khaled Hosseini, 2003.

26 01 2008

The kite runner, Khaled Hosseini, 2003.

This book is about the story of two children who lived together during their childhood, in the 1970s One of them was the son of a rich Businessman, Baba ; the second, the son of their servant, Ali. In spite of the difference of their social class, they were like brothers, bound by their passion for kites.

But they were separated by the rape and humiliation of Hassan, the son of the servant. Amir saw, but he didn’t help him because of contradictory feelings like fear and cowardice. Their lives were now separated by this secret. The war obliged them to live in two different worlds. When Amir went to university, Hassan waited for him for explain and tell him some stories. But Amir was ashamed and he put some distance between them.

Amir left Afghanistan to take refuge in the United States. And he continued his life, with his wife, Soraya, though he never forgot his shame. But in 2001, Rahim Khan, the partner of Baba in their work, telephoned him and showed him a way to atone for his mistakes. To do that, he asked him to return in Afghanistan and save Hassan’s son, Sohrab,who had become an orphan. Hassan was killed during the war and he has always known the secret of Amir and Rahim Khan known that.
Of course Amir went to Afghanistan, totally changed by the Talibans. He found a devastated country, where nothing resembled his memories. He didn’t know this country. He saved Sohrab from his poor life, trying to make him forget everything he had experienced in spite of his young age.

I like this book which is very impassioning. Behind this characters, we are faced with the story of Afghanistan, devastated by the Talibans.

Some things about Khaled Hosseini :

He was born in 1965 in Kabul. He is an American writer, of afghan origin. He is a doctor and his first literary prize was with The kite Runner, which has been translated into twelve languages. Dream-works has bought the rights to make a film of it.

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