Exibition review-by Natachatanchananachachataaaa

29 01 2008

persistenceisall.jpgPERSISTENCE IS ALL

the FRAC, MArseille,
january 2008.

This exibition is propsed by Pierre BELOüIN, where art work is mainly from Pierre BELOüIN, about Pierre BELOüIN’s label: OPTICAL SOUND. It is why I couln’t catch it all, the art work that refers to the previous art work of the artist is something dangerous for the undestanding of people who come to watch. Some pieces are fine, they are a sort of poetry. These are the AWAN-SIGUAWINI-SPEMKI photographs, they are associated to a soundtrack and they sort of create a mood that deepend you in a slow reverie. Unfortunately I found it not that effective. Something in the mise en place was missing.
Cervovalve was given a concert there the night I came it was a 24 person’s live concert and was played with headphones for headphones, so only 24 persons could enjoy the show. The music was really good, eeric and entrancing. This experience was really weird, il wasn’t easy to understand that it was acctually a LIVE concert, having to wear the headphones. When unhelmed, I enjoyed watching everybody. That create a very egoïsic pleasure, no one was dancing and everybopdy was doing his own little concert. Interresting experience.
For the rest of the pieces, I am dubitative, one of them, TAPE WALL, is made of 24 audio cassettes wich tape is pulled out and hung to the ceiling , and what? some memorial of an old fashioned medium? bullshit. I liked to blow at it to make the tape fly.
There was some other stuffs, like a serie of photomaton’s photographs of every players of the OPTICAL SOUND crew.
No comment.
Also some old vinyl players on shelves that are playing the OPTICAL SOUND radio programme (I’ve just read it on the flyer) and scratching noises through speaker so old they are nearly mute.
The title of the exibition sounded to me like it was gonna be a very deep exibition, with entrancing pieces about perception and the strenght of the link that bound the sound and the vision he creates. I think I came with the wrong expectations. A shame.




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