» Into the wild  » , Sean Penn’s movie.

2 02 2008
  • Sometimes I like to take a moment to go to the cinema . My real pleasure is to walk in the street of Aix en Provence by night and going as far as the little cinemas where are movies in original band.
    Last week, I did my traditional ceremony, I’m going by night under the rain with the wish of seing an interresting movie who could bring me something.
    The chance made that I hav’nt saw my first choice , I was attracted by the title of another movie  » Into the wild  » , and I hav’nt regreted my second choice. Sean Penn’s movie  hit me , the need of freedom that express Christopher Mc Candless  have wake up mine ; my wish of escape into the wild, the quest of happiness with nothing of material.
    That I prefer in this moment when you see a good movie, it’s this feeling of lightness when you go out , this impression that you are always in spirit of the movie .
     » I now walk into the wild  » , is one of the first sentence with that the movies begun with the whiteness of the snow to Alaska in the background.
    The film  » Into the wild  » was inspired by a true story , it tells the story of Christopher Mc Candless as he traveled through the US. It’s about the book of Jon Krakauer that inspired this film of Sean Penn.Christopher Mc Candless ( Emile Hirsch ) , 22 years old, was freshly graduated from college with a promising future, the top student and athlete gave his entire 24.000 $ to charity account.
    He decides to walk out of his privileged life and go into the wild in search of adventure. Along his way , Christopher encounters a series of colorful characters at the very edges of America society that shape his life. In the end , he stay himself alone into the wilds of the great North.
    This movie give to us a torrent of emotion , we ask if Chistopher Mc Candless is a heroic adventurer or a naive idealist , but this picture raise the matter of the wish to return into the wild , far of our society.

    Sean Penn ‘s picture have got severals nomination, for the actors , for the best picture , maybe he will have an oscar …
    He was too nominate for the golden globe for the best original song of Eddie Vedder and the best original score of Mickael Brook.

  • Amandine.



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