Alberto Giacometti by Florence

8 02 2008

There was an exhibition in Aix en Provence for nearly three months, on the Cours Mirabeau.

This exhibition was devoted to Alberto Giacometti and his sculptures.

There were a lot of photography of his works, but a painting caught my attention.


It was a portrait of Jacques Dupin (1965), unfinished because he thought that he would continue when he got back from a sort of holiday, but he didn’t because he died before.
So this unfinished painting is very attractive because the eyes were finished, so you look in the center of the canvas and the eyes of Jacques Dupin go deeply immediately to your soul.

And you are deep in the contemplation of the canvas, you can stay like this for hours.

the painting is embraced you just because Giacometti wanted to recreate an atmosphere of contemplation between the painting and spectators.

Giacometti began always with the eyes of his models, then he painted the rest of the face.

portraitcrayon.jpgThat’s why this portrait is very fascinated…




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