The Cathedral of Rodez by Florent L.

10 03 2008

When i went to Rodez, a little city in the Aveyron region, i didn’t expect to discover, in the Cathedral of Rodez, contemporary art.Cathedral of Rodez

We had time to waste, so we went to the only monument to visit in that little city. At first, when you enter in it, the cathedral is like any other cathedrals: a big (and beautiful, i admit it) organ, an altar, some statues, old paintings, old giant columns etc… But if you take a look at the stained glass winodws, you’ll be very surprised: there’s no bible scenes, no old drawings with old colours and always the same boring scenes, but some modern, even contemporary stained glass windows. And it’s very beautiful. Some pannels allow us to understand it: in 2002 (i don’t know why and who decided it), a competition is thrown to renew the stained glass windows of the cathedral of Rodez, in 2003 the french artist Stéphane Belzère is chosen by the jury, against 44 other artists.
After having planned all the project, the parisian artist installs the first stained glass window in 2005. He finishes his work on november 2006.
Every stained glass window means something, linked with religion, of course. First, there’s the four elements: air, earth, fire and water, and some great religion subjetcs like resurrection, sacraments etc…

AirEarthFireWaterPapes - VIPResurrectionSacraments

Heigth stained glass windows, and an other one, made by an other artist, representing war and poverty (it was less interesting, but there was some drawings made by the artist that were very beautiful)War and poverty - drawings.
I really liked this project, because at first i was surprised to see such a contrast between an old cathedral and those stained glass windows that were very astonishing, because of its lightness, its bright colours an the modernship of the drawings and themes. Also, i never liked visiting churches and cathedral (so boring!), but in this case, i loved it, because it was different, interesting, and beautiful. And i really like the mixing of old things and new things.




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