Jean-Régis Pipistrelle par Joaquim

14 04 2008

                                            Jean-Régis Pipistrelle (1923-1975)


Born on 1 november 1923 at Condom; his father was travestit at « Michou cabaret’s » and his mother was sell cannabis at the exit of schools. It’s the third in a span of triplets, the only no trisomic. After his father’s death in 1933( he was raped and tortured by the double of Mimie Mathy,  a doom history of theft string), Pipistrelle started studying painting in the school of Guantanamo sur Meurthre; since 1936 it’s returned because he was too dumb and had a taste for pop music.


In 1947, after a long depression, he decided to return to art and studying in the studio Picasso of Mulhouse, he discovered that paint with brushes is better. Rich of a certain technic, he opened his own school in 1955 and has among in this students: Framboisier, Bioman and the Captain Igloo; which will become three figures in art contemporary.

In 1960, he began a series of travels in his apartment, which will continue until 1968. After the discovery in 1962 of his bathroom, Pipistrelle turns to carving glove toilet; which will be the main source of his work. The récurant themes in the art of Jean-Régis are: bananas, cooked in a bain marie and moral abstraction wich prevents us from urinating against the wind blows.

1966 was the year of the recognition by his peers at the town hall of Condom, after his famous exhibition « Fuck where are the  Chocapic » to the gallery « winged bull » in Paris. Then a series of shoching events that dive into the memory of his father. Jean-Régis began his blue period in tribute to the old employer of his father; who did much to the Pipistrelle family.

In 1971, Jean-Régis had knowledge of Jesus Cri, an actor tacky illuminated, a notorious dealer, who leads slowly to the path of drugs. Pipistrelle is regulary shoot with « cordon bleu »( this drug leads to the appearance on the skin a layer of pannelure golden yellow, wich requires people to call you « Tweety », leading the death with a strong dose of shame.)

On June 21, 1975; after a long lapse Jean-Régis dies in the arm of his mother( she’s got just only one, because she sell the other at a fan of chocolate, to meet the needs of her own). Pipistrelle leaves a work consisting of sculptures, paintings and pancakes; his masterpiece will no doubt sculpture  » woman without tits » made in 1964.

Jean-Régis Pipistrelle is, even today, remains misunderstood by art critics.


    » woman without tits », 1964




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