Alexandre Orion by Jane

21 04 2008

Graffiti artists are usually known for their wild way of painting, a totally outlaw practice on the walls of the cities. They want to cover the grey buildings of the town with their spraycans of color painting in spite of the police.

Alexandre Orion is a brasilian street artist who tries to deliver an alarming message through his work. In this video, there is one of his action in an underpass at Sao Paulo. Orion  is not using  spraycans or any paints in this performing: only with a piece of cloth, he’s cleaning the wall, drawing in the layer of filth covering the wall of the channel. One after one, Alexander Orion makes skulls appear through the dirt.

Here is a strong denunciation of the way that pollution grows up in the city and that people don’t really care about it. Alexandre Orion wants to show them  how they let their town defacing. The violent figures of the skulls, a direct link to the idea of death, are here to shocked people passing by and to questionning them about their passiv acceptation of this pollution that they generate.




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