Granet Museum, exhibition of comic strips

23 04 2008

I went in to the Granet museum to visit an exhibition of comic strips.

I’ve got a little bagage in the domain. I really appreciate the drawers like Marjane Satrapi and her Persepolis (famous now), Joan Sfar and his « carnet de voyage » (Ukulélé, Piano,…),- We know him because of his book « chat du rabbin » success in France-, Lewis Trondheim who was in the exhibtion with Binet (the bidouchon).
But also the americans : Art Spiegelmann (voir ci dessous), Alex Robinson « de mal en pis » (I don’t know the translation), David Burns, Daniel Clowes …

I like the cruelty of the glance , and the pessimism disengaged. Which is very specific in the Americain comic strip. So if you have the same reference, I think you will like my « coup de cœur ».
I discovered in the exhibition Guillaume Long, and his books « Comme des Sardines dans l’huile » « Les Sardines sont cuites ». He tells the story of his life, when he was a student in Art school, first and second year. I invite everybody to read it, because it’s similarity is very suprising. His approach is simple and funny, very caustic, very direct. He describes with sincerity his point of view about the school, the art, his life, his problems . The drawings reflect his tonality : simple but effective. I totally identify with him .
It’s very funny when he explains his point of view about the minimalism….




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