2 05 2008


in the contemporary gallery of the museum


I went to Nice, once again, to watch new exhibitions and especially in the little galleries, south of the city. In the gallery of the Contemporary and Modern Art Museum, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux presented several recent works. His way to show his pictures, texts, collages or paintings on the walls sounds very 19°century, according to a principle of association of ideas and plays on words… 

Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux has been said as the spiritual son of Marcel Duchamp, but his work could be rather placed in the following of Fluxus movement. Infuenced by the « Nouveau Réalisme » (neo realism), Robert Rauschenberg or Andy Warhol, he progressively left artistical conventions to give more value to the creative intention, the creative gesture. Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux constantly asks the limits of contemporary art ; sometimes his work becomes very witty, even comic, but never lacks of seriousness. 



« Je pense parfois à cette scène inoubliable : le roi, au faîte de sa gloire, serrant contre lui sa petite chienne Nancy, qui médite sur l’écoeurante immoralité du pouvoir » (I sometimes think about this unforgottable scene : the king, on the top of his glory, stroking his little dog Nancy, who meditates on the disgusting immorality of the power). This sentence, written on the wall, shows the great passion developed by the artist for dogs (he has a large collection made of pictures of them), and in the same time his way to criticize the power and its place in society… 


I did enjoy this exhibition because it was short and because of the comments the artists adds to his works, paintings and so on. I really like his drawings and especially his way to remain concise and efficient in the critic. His puns often recall many references, from different origins : cinema, literature, history of art… His works made with expansive foam could be very funny, just like his personal version of Hulk, or his French-cancan dancer (we just see her legs in the middle of a giant foam dress…) !  




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