17 05 2008
Alain Declercq was born in 1969
He lives and works in Paris and New York

End manipulator distortions narratives, Alain Declercq make-up objects in their injecting a new role to play on the art scene: sow doubt. It gives shape to the event, the films classified as confidential, blurs the tracks, moves between black and white. His docu-drama « Mike » it will be worth a search of the anti-terrorist brigade in 2005, projecting sharply in a reality breathtaking, so it looks like fiction… or is it the reverse? By pretending to be a forger of our current political, Alain Declercq burden our memories paranoïas sudden, his art acting as a developer.

The various power structures, forms of oppression and of contemporary security, handling the media are the heart of the concerns of the artist.
Since the early 90’s, his job is to collect clues, cause micro-malfunctions or reverse situations to disrupt our representations of authority. If practice spinning, infiltration or investigation, it is better to explore different facets, without the humor or the grotesque some scenes not escape him.
That is stationed in the street with a sign « Caution radar » to prevent motorists of the presence of a radar a few metres behind him or he uses a powerful mobile projector to illuminate the night, the facades private homes in a neighborhood of Montreal bourgeois, « Welcome Home Boss » is without net Alain Declercq acts directly on the ground, constantly pushing the limits of the social system, political and cultural. An intense artistic activity, which does not exclude the risk-taking and has its roots in the immediate reality.




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