A Trip Through Layered Paintings

18 05 2008

In the south atlantic coast of France, in Nay, a huge artistic enterprise emerge from the desire of one man, Chahab TAYEFEH MOHADJER. He was born in Iran above 60 years ago. I came to France when he was young but went in London, Amsterdam and New York before. He studdy all around the world as a student ( in Aix en provence in the 70′ ) as a teacher.

His work is a true revelation, by the textures of paintings he express a luminous sensation of floating.

this is a link to the Minoterie his huge project. The aim is to create an independant art center, workshop (private and open) and an artotheque (about great artists like Duchamp, Dali, Cesar, Braque.. ) it’s really an powerful ambition.

to be continued…



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23 10 2007

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9 10 2007

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