A Trip Through Layered Paintings

18 05 2008

In the south atlantic coast of France, in Nay, a huge artistic enterprise emerge from the desire of one man, Chahab TAYEFEH MOHADJER. He was born in Iran above 60 years ago. I came to France when he was young but went in London, Amsterdam and New York before. He studdy all around the world as a student ( in Aix en provence in the 70′ ) as a teacher.

His work is a true revelation, by the textures of paintings he express a luminous sensation of floating.

this is a link to the Minoterie his huge project. The aim is to create an independant art center, workshop (private and open) and an artotheque (about great artists like Duchamp, Dali, Cesar, Braque.. ) it’s really an powerful ambition.

to be continued…




15 04 2008

I went to concert to FIGEAC and i saw « brain damage » & « kaophonic tribu« .

The group Brain damage was born in 1999 it’s a groupe music to Saint Etienne it’s a dub-électro. They played their last album  » Short cuts ». It was their fourth album. In this album Brain Damage develop a reflection on the urgency, frustration and the intensit: all will have to be known as in a minimum of time. For that, none of the 24 titles of this project will exceed the two minutes. On scene it’s very impressing they are only two on scene but the sound who making it’s very great. Their sound transports us in another world one like is hypnotized. I loves this group!!

Kaophonic tribu it’s a music group of 8 musicians formed at the end of 1999 their music is a mixing traditional percussions and modern sonorities (Didjéridoo, low, flutes, djembés…). Their musical universe is an infernal, rhythmic trance, the envoutant songs transports you in their profoundly tribal universe.

Great festival of Skabazac (Rodez (12)) to come:

The Cathedral of Rodez by Florent L.

10 03 2008

When i went to Rodez, a little city in the Aveyron region, i didn’t expect to discover, in the Cathedral of Rodez, contemporary art.Cathedral of Rodez

We had time to waste, so we went to the only monument to visit in that little city. At first, when you enter in it, the cathedral is like any other cathedrals: a big (and beautiful, i admit it) organ, an altar, some statues, old paintings, old giant columns etc… But if you take a look at the stained glass winodws, you’ll be very surprised: there’s no bible scenes, no old drawings with old colours and always the same boring scenes, but some modern, even contemporary stained glass windows. And it’s very beautiful. Some pannels allow us to understand it: in 2002 (i don’t know why and who decided it), a competition is thrown to renew the stained glass windows of the cathedral of Rodez, in 2003 the french artist Stéphane Belzère is chosen by the jury, against 44 other artists.
After having planned all the project, the parisian artist installs the first stained glass window in 2005. He finishes his work on november 2006.
Every stained glass window means something, linked with religion, of course. First, there’s the four elements: air, earth, fire and water, and some great religion subjetcs like resurrection, sacraments etc…

AirEarthFireWaterPapes - VIPResurrectionSacraments

Heigth stained glass windows, and an other one, made by an other artist, representing war and poverty (it was less interesting, but there was some drawings made by the artist that were very beautiful)War and poverty - drawings.
I really liked this project, because at first i was surprised to see such a contrast between an old cathedral and those stained glass windows that were very astonishing, because of its lightness, its bright colours an the modernship of the drawings and themes. Also, i never liked visiting churches and cathedral (so boring!), but in this case, i loved it, because it was different, interesting, and beautiful. And i really like the mixing of old things and new things.

Alberto Giacometti by Florence

8 02 2008

There was an exhibition in Aix en Provence for nearly three months, on the Cours Mirabeau.

This exhibition was devoted to Alberto Giacometti and his sculptures.

There were a lot of photography of his works, but a painting caught my attention.


It was a portrait of Jacques Dupin (1965), unfinished because he thought that he would continue when he got back from a sort of holiday, but he didn’t because he died before.
So this unfinished painting is very attractive because the eyes were finished, so you look in the center of the canvas and the eyes of Jacques Dupin go deeply immediately to your soul.

And you are deep in the contemplation of the canvas, you can stay like this for hours.

the painting is embraced you just because Giacometti wanted to recreate an atmosphere of contemplation between the painting and spectators.

Giacometti began always with the eyes of his models, then he painted the rest of the face.

portraitcrayon.jpgThat’s why this portrait is very fascinated…

Gamer 02

4 02 2008

Here is a small article about the Gamerz 02 exhibition:

First, Antonin Fournaud and Manuel Braun’s Patch&KO, a mod of Street Fight II introducing a control device where you must loose control to be able to play. The device is basically an hybrid between a bean game, a Pachniko and a marble machine using iron balls in a pin field making electric contacts. Each contact may be transformed in an action (like hit, jump, etc.). Here is a video showing it in action:

Servovalve presented a « worm » version of Carbone: a software that copies an image (a face to be precise) in a random mode.

Damien Aspe built a real and colorful Tetris wall called From Russia with fun:

Guillaume Stagnaro presented a piece called XOX, two robots playing programmed to never loose and never win. In this situation, the only way to win is not to play.

Grégoire Lauvin presented Weith Contest, a multiplayer music game where the gameplay is based on weight. The heaviest measure plays the sample.

Pierrick Thébault (from L16) made a cool hack from CyWorld making a porn version called CyPorn.

The night finished with a live musical performance by Confipop and Sidabitball using Game Boys as instrument to generate sounds and images.

More information about the works presented here and the ones I didn’t mention here.

By: Benoit Espinola

Exibition review-by Natachatanchananachachataaaa

29 01 2008

persistenceisall.jpgPERSISTENCE IS ALL

the FRAC, MArseille,
january 2008.

This exibition is propsed by Pierre BELOüIN, where art work is mainly from Pierre BELOüIN, about Pierre BELOüIN’s label: OPTICAL SOUND. It is why I couln’t catch it all, the art work that refers to the previous art work of the artist is something dangerous for the undestanding of people who come to watch. Some pieces are fine, they are a sort of poetry. These are the AWAN-SIGUAWINI-SPEMKI photographs, they are associated to a soundtrack and they sort of create a mood that deepend you in a slow reverie. Unfortunately I found it not that effective. Something in the mise en place was missing.
Cervovalve was given a concert there the night I came it was a 24 person’s live concert and was played with headphones for headphones, so only 24 persons could enjoy the show. The music was really good, eeric and entrancing. This experience was really weird, il wasn’t easy to understand that it was acctually a LIVE concert, having to wear the headphones. When unhelmed, I enjoyed watching everybody. That create a very egoïsic pleasure, no one was dancing and everybopdy was doing his own little concert. Interresting experience.
For the rest of the pieces, I am dubitative, one of them, TAPE WALL, is made of 24 audio cassettes wich tape is pulled out and hung to the ceiling , and what? some memorial of an old fashioned medium? bullshit. I liked to blow at it to make the tape fly.
There was some other stuffs, like a serie of photomaton’s photographs of every players of the OPTICAL SOUND crew.
No comment.
Also some old vinyl players on shelves that are playing the OPTICAL SOUND radio programme (I’ve just read it on the flyer) and scratching noises through speaker so old they are nearly mute.
The title of the exibition sounded to me like it was gonna be a very deep exibition, with entrancing pieces about perception and the strenght of the link that bound the sound and the vision he creates. I think I came with the wrong expectations. A shame.

The kite runner, Khaled Hosseini, 2003.

26 01 2008

The kite runner, Khaled Hosseini, 2003.

This book is about the story of two children who lived together during their childhood, in the 1970s One of them was the son of a rich Businessman, Baba ; the second, the son of their servant, Ali. In spite of the difference of their social class, they were like brothers, bound by their passion for kites.

But they were separated by the rape and humiliation of Hassan, the son of the servant. Amir saw, but he didn’t help him because of contradictory feelings like fear and cowardice. Their lives were now separated by this secret. The war obliged them to live in two different worlds. When Amir went to university, Hassan waited for him for explain and tell him some stories. But Amir was ashamed and he put some distance between them.

Amir left Afghanistan to take refuge in the United States. And he continued his life, with his wife, Soraya, though he never forgot his shame. But in 2001, Rahim Khan, the partner of Baba in their work, telephoned him and showed him a way to atone for his mistakes. To do that, he asked him to return in Afghanistan and save Hassan’s son, Sohrab,who had become an orphan. Hassan was killed during the war and he has always known the secret of Amir and Rahim Khan known that.
Of course Amir went to Afghanistan, totally changed by the Talibans. He found a devastated country, where nothing resembled his memories. He didn’t know this country. He saved Sohrab from his poor life, trying to make him forget everything he had experienced in spite of his young age.

I like this book which is very impassioning. Behind this characters, we are faced with the story of Afghanistan, devastated by the Talibans.

Some things about Khaled Hosseini :

He was born in 1965 in Kabul. He is an American writer, of afghan origin. He is a doctor and his first literary prize was with The kite Runner, which has been translated into twelve languages. Dream-works has bought the rights to make a film of it.

For more details http://www.khaledhosseini.com/