Utopic cut-up

2 05 2008

The ship of utopic obeys to our expectations and our dreams. He evolves to failing the world, on the sea that submerge little and little. The child forget and refing in his challenge.


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25 04 2008

Shrill noise,
Smel of old grease drawer,
Bluish spark like the sea,
Little bits of hot iron which squirt in all the corners;
But where are we?

It’s often a bit like that when we go into the metal work-shop. After you see the Christ, Christ he’s always there. Little, staight and strong. He ‘s the boss – but a good boss. He’s a master. You can tell by his hand. They are like lobster claws. Clic clic clic -screw-blot-screw-blot-screw-blot …
For an art school, it’s a really interesting work-room because it’s equiped by a outfit of machines.
At the end of the week… It farts and it jams, it cuts and it twists. The shavings are transformed into a space-ship. Be careful. One can getright to the back of your eyes.
When I’m over there, I’m imagine I’m a worker. I Hear the bell for the break and the colleaue who says: »To work guy! ». The mechanic is virile. At the end of the days, I’m like a chimney sweep… The chimney sweep of lilas.
Sometimes, I think again about when I worked in industry. I see the workers who made a career. Sublime faces beaten by stress, sweet hearts anaesthezied by loans… For a child who skips class and an unsightly woman. A worker who works his whole life in indusr wins his place in paradise directly… It’ s the very least.

Granet Museum, exhibition of comic strips

23 04 2008

I went in to the Granet museum to visit an exhibition of comic strips.

I’ve got a little bagage in the domain. I really appreciate the drawers like Marjane Satrapi and her Persepolis (famous now), Joan Sfar and his « carnet de voyage » (Ukulélé, Piano,…),- We know him because of his book « chat du rabbin » success in France-, Lewis Trondheim who was in the exhibtion with Binet (the bidouchon).
But also the americans : Art Spiegelmann (voir ci dessous), Alex Robinson « de mal en pis » (I don’t know the translation), David Burns, Daniel Clowes …

I like the cruelty of the glance , and the pessimism disengaged. Which is very specific in the Americain comic strip. So if you have the same reference, I think you will like my « coup de cœur ».
I discovered in the exhibition Guillaume Long, and his books « Comme des Sardines dans l’huile » « Les Sardines sont cuites ». He tells the story of his life, when he was a student in Art school, first and second year. I invite everybody to read it, because it’s similarity is very suprising. His approach is simple and funny, very caustic, very direct. He describes with sincerity his point of view about the school, the art, his life, his problems . The drawings reflect his tonality : simple but effective. I totally identify with him .
It’s very funny when he explains his point of view about the minimalism….

Alexandre Orion by Jane

21 04 2008

Graffiti artists are usually known for their wild way of painting, a totally outlaw practice on the walls of the cities. They want to cover the grey buildings of the town with their spraycans of color painting in spite of the police.

Alexandre Orion is a brasilian street artist who tries to deliver an alarming message through his work. In this video, there is one of his action in an underpass at Sao Paulo. Orion  is not using  spraycans or any paints in this performing: only with a piece of cloth, he’s cleaning the wall, drawing in the layer of filth covering the wall of the channel. One after one, Alexander Orion makes skulls appear through the dirt.

Here is a strong denunciation of the way that pollution grows up in the city and that people don’t really care about it. Alexandre Orion wants to show them  how they let their town defacing. The violent figures of the skulls, a direct link to the idea of death, are here to shocked people passing by and to questionning them about their passiv acceptation of this pollution that they generate.

BANKSY – Londres

18 04 2008

I chose Banksy because he is one of contemporary artists i admire the most and he inspire me when i look all his works. His idea, his way of looking things, his pencil stroke are very powerful.
Banksy is the artist of the most famous street in Britain but his anonymity is vital because his vandalism is very expensive now. His stencils, sarcastic irony, are a critical of the present world . Corruption, the folly of consommation are recurring themes in his works. He does rats armed with drills, monkeys with weapons of mass destruction, girls with a missile, on the famous monuments, it often inscribed: « This is not worth being photographed. »
Ever in vandal, he introduce his works in great museum like the Tate Gallery in October 2003 for exemple.
I think it’s interesting to uncover this famous artist.



15 04 2008

I went to concert to FIGEAC and i saw « brain damage » & « kaophonic tribu« .

The group Brain damage was born in 1999 it’s a groupe music to Saint Etienne it’s a dub-électro. They played their last album  » Short cuts ». It was their fourth album. In this album Brain Damage develop a reflection on the urgency, frustration and the intensit: all will have to be known as in a minimum of time. For that, none of the 24 titles of this project will exceed the two minutes. On scene it’s very impressing they are only two on scene but the sound who making it’s very great. Their sound transports us in another world one like is hypnotized. I loves this group!!

Kaophonic tribu it’s a music group of 8 musicians formed at the end of 1999 their music is a mixing traditional percussions and modern sonorities (Didjéridoo, low, flutes, djembés…). Their musical universe is an infernal, rhythmic trance, the envoutant songs transports you in their profoundly tribal universe.

Great festival of Skabazac (Rodez (12)) to come:

Jean-Régis Pipistrelle par Joaquim

14 04 2008

                                            Jean-Régis Pipistrelle (1923-1975)


Born on 1 november 1923 at Condom; his father was travestit at « Michou cabaret’s » and his mother was sell cannabis at the exit of schools. It’s the third in a span of triplets, the only no trisomic. After his father’s death in 1933( he was raped and tortured by the double of Mimie Mathy,  a doom history of theft string), Pipistrelle started studying painting in the school of Guantanamo sur Meurthre; since 1936 it’s returned because he was too dumb and had a taste for pop music.


In 1947, after a long depression, he decided to return to art and studying in the studio Picasso of Mulhouse, he discovered that paint with brushes is better. Rich of a certain technic, he opened his own school in 1955 and has among in this students: Framboisier, Bioman and the Captain Igloo; which will become three figures in art contemporary.

In 1960, he began a series of travels in his apartment, which will continue until 1968. After the discovery in 1962 of his bathroom, Pipistrelle turns to carving glove toilet; which will be the main source of his work. The récurant themes in the art of Jean-Régis are: bananas, cooked in a bain marie and moral abstraction wich prevents us from urinating against the wind blows.

1966 was the year of the recognition by his peers at the town hall of Condom, after his famous exhibition « Fuck where are the  Chocapic » to the gallery « winged bull » in Paris. Then a series of shoching events that dive into the memory of his father. Jean-Régis began his blue period in tribute to the old employer of his father; who did much to the Pipistrelle family.

In 1971, Jean-Régis had knowledge of Jesus Cri, an actor tacky illuminated, a notorious dealer, who leads slowly to the path of drugs. Pipistrelle is regulary shoot with « cordon bleu »( this drug leads to the appearance on the skin a layer of pannelure golden yellow, wich requires people to call you « Tweety », leading the death with a strong dose of shame.)

On June 21, 1975; after a long lapse Jean-Régis dies in the arm of his mother( she’s got just only one, because she sell the other at a fan of chocolate, to meet the needs of her own). Pipistrelle leaves a work consisting of sculptures, paintings and pancakes; his masterpiece will no doubt sculpture  » woman without tits » made in 1964.

Jean-Régis Pipistrelle is, even today, remains misunderstood by art critics.


    » woman without tits », 1964