22 05 2008

  SIDI LARBI CHERKAOUI is a Belgian choreographer « en vogue » in Paris.

He is one of the main figures of current contemporary Dance ,

by the originality of his theatricals proposals , and his technical power.

This choreographer is sensitive about tradditionals forms or popular song and dance.

On the other hand , he has an incredible technical agility and a flexibility as impresives

as his lightness, wich almost separates him of the kingdom of men.

He uses tradditionals Italian arias of XIVe siecle, wich are interpreted in live.

These songs have particulary affected me and are perfectly appropriated for

dancers by a disturbing force (and power).

   At the crossroads of worlds , he mixes without taboo, references to religions

and art practices from elsewhere.

Born of a Flemish mother and a father of Morocco, its balets often refer to religion,

 but he uses also humor, harmony, hatred, love, oppositions, psychoanalysis and

 « metissages », and these are themes wich I’m sensitive and above all  while it’s so

goodly performed. ( or interpreted).

    Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui combines theatre, dance and song , all with an incredibly

boundless imagination, wich can’t leave us indifferent…  🙂