Zeus by Ojal

4 06 2008

With our Professor of Art History Pierre Paliard we have them a hearing on the book: for a new political art of Dominica Baquet, reading this book I wanted to look at me one of the many reference of this book, this artist this prefecture Zeus.

Zeus is an artist who operates at night, masked trace it to the ground the shadow of lampposts, cars, objects urban quoi! having grown up in the streets of Paris he plays with it. Here’s what he says: The other night I hombre imprisoned in a Ferrari. My pleasure was multiplied by the risk-taking. But nobody has seen anything and I have committed a symbolic flight.
It comes from the middle of graffiti is a taguant he discovers a tunnel named after artist,
Zeus is the surname of the RER, which has failed crush that day.
It is a teroriste of artistic intervention in urban space.

(Love graffitis), Olympia is his lover




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